Welcome to my personal website!! If you are looking for linguistics teaching materials hosted on Share-Ling, please send an email to mjohnson2@gradcenter.cuny.edu for access.

Michelle Johnson-McSweeney I am a PhD Candidate at the City University of New York – Graduate Center, and a Digital Fellow. Check out my newest project here. It’s an interactive infographic showing what languages are spoken above the subway stations throughout New York.

My dissertation research is investigating how emergent bilingual adolescents use digital tools for communication and what relationship there is between academic, social, and digital communication. I have collected over 50,000 text messages as part of this project that will be developed into an anonymized corpus of bilingual adolescent texting. I recently finished a project looking at code-switching as a literacy practice on emergent media such as twitter. I am in the Linguistics Department and finished a certificate in Integrated Technology and Pedagogy.

I teach in the Bilingual Education Program at Hunter College, and a practicum on Teaching Lingustics Across CUNY, and am a Graduate Coordinator at Guttman Community College. Previously, I taught Linguistics Courses at Lehman College in the Bronx, worked on literacy diagnostics in the Second Language Acquisition Lab. and worked in the New Media Lab.

Before coming to graduate school, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, and before that, worked in the TRiO Program at Lansing Community College.